Distracted Drivers More Distracted During the Holiday Season

Distracted Drivers More Distracted During the Holiday Season - callahan law firm - houston texas - injury attorney

While it may be common knowledge that drivers are much more distracted during the holiday season, most people are shocked to learn just how much distracted driving skyrockets when the holidays roll around. Not only are some people much more likely to drink, use drugs and get behind the wheel during the holidays, but the use of digital devices also increases during this time of year.

Quantifying Distracted Driving

Statistics show a 33% spike in distracted driving during the holidays. From smartphones, to passengers in the car, the radio, GPS systems and beyond, today’s vehicles are full of distractions of varying sorts. Even something as simple and seemingly harmless as reading a brief text has the potential to lead to a deadly accident.

How the Data was Collected

The 33% hike in distracted driving during the holidays as noted above is not an estimate, projection or guess. Rather, this is a reliable figure derived from data pulled from the smartphones of 3,000 drivers. These drivers willingly downloaded an app known as TrueMotion prior to the survey period of November 18, 2018, to January 3, 2018. The app tracked driver data in terms of braking and speeding to gauge the extent of distracted driving during the holidays. Such data collection is possible through the use of smartphone telematics and in-depth analysis through machine-learning algorithms. The TrueMotion app can montior the use of all mobile apps to gather usage data while driving.

Additional Insights of Note

Not only did device use increase during the holiday, but the study using the TrueMotion app also determined drivers were much more inclined to speed during the holidays. While people typically speed 25% of the time during the regular workweek, speeding spikes to 45% during the holiday season. Though the prevalence of both speeding and texting while driving increased during the holiday period, there is a silver lining: phone calls decreased in frequency by 45% compared to the typical weekday.

Hands-free Phone use While Driving is a Legitimate Problem

While hands-free phone use is legal in most jurisdictions, yet still provides cause for concern. Though the majority of drivers who use hands-free technology believe it is safe, the truth is this technology still distracts drivers from the road. Studies show those who use hands-free phones while driving remain distracted even after they are done discussing the matter. Recognizing this problem, many states have prohibited young drivers from all use of cell phones while driving even while ins “hands-free” mode. The only surefire way to boost your safety during holiday drives and other times of the year is to remain off your phone until you are safely parked.

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