Auto Defect Claim Lawyers

Injuries or Loss Caused by Defective Automobile Design?

If so, you need a Houston defective product attorney with the experience and resources to investigate and pursue your auto defect claim.

When a manufacturer such as Ford, Toyota or General Motors issues a product recall, the story is big news – but that news often breaks only after many serious injuries and even deaths have occurred. This was the case in 2010 with millions of Toyota vehicles recalled because of sudden, unintended acceleration and accelerator issues. Similarly, in past years victims have pursued litigation against manufacturers because of exploding gas tanks, SUV rollover accidents, defective seat belt restraint systems, defective air bags, fuel-fed fires and tire tread separation.

Defective Product Attorney with Engineering Background & Valuable Resources

If you or a family member has been involved in a serious Texas car accident and you suspect an auto defect or simply do not know the cause, please contact us today at The Callahan Law Firm in Houston, TX. With founding attorney Michael S. Callahan’s engineering background, network of experts, and trial experience, the defective product attorneys at The Callahan Law Firm will put together a top notch team to investigate and pursue your auto defect claim.

Experienced in Auto Product Liability and Other High-Stakes Claims

In addition to SUV and ATV rollovers and “sudden acceleration” cases, our personal injury and defective product attorneys are ready to evaluate and handle auto defect claims arising from:

  • Post-collision fires and explosions associated with dangerous gas tank positioning or other car or truck design defects
  • Seat belt, airbag or child seat failures that can cause serious injuries or a tragic Wrongful Death
  • Other suspected auto design deficiencies and defects that can cause tire blowouts, loss of control, roof Crush Injuries and other catastrophic outcomes

Any type of auto design or vehicle component defect can be potentially catastrophic for drivers and passengers. At our Houston firm, we want to find answers to what happened, why it happened, and what could have been done to prevent it. We put together teams of experts to find these answers and obtain the justice you and your family deserve. Our defective product attorneys are ready and willing to invest our time and resource in defective product cases, and go all the way to trial and win.