Defective Product Lawyers

Houston defective product attorneys from The Callahan Law Firm are prepared to help you in your defective product case.

Many serious problems can result from defective products. Any product with faulty labeling, design defects or defective manufacturing can lead to serious injuries or even death.

Our Houston product liability attorneys represent clients who have sustained serious injuries from defective products. We also assist the families of those who died due to dangerously defective products. When product designers, manufacturers and sellers across many industries focus on profit and stock price at the expense of product safety, consumers are put at risk of serious injury or death. At The Callahan Law Firm, our Houston defective product lawyers including Michael S. Callahan (BSME, JD) and staff work together to force such companies to fairly compensate those who have suffered because of defective products.

Defective product cases in which people have been seriously injured and killed range across the spectrum of industrial, automotive, medical, consumer, children, and recreational products. Our Houston defective products lawyers and product liability attorneys are available to consult with you and your family to provide legal representation in cases.