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Oil Drilling Can Endanger Texas Residents – Like Colorado

Oil drilling happens around explosive gas near homes in Texas and that’s a problem. Housing and oil booms collide and endanger Texas residents.


Oil drilling happens around explosive gas near homes in Texas. That’s a problem.

Texas lacks adequate setback laws to protect homes from nearby wells, endangering many thousands of people. A leaking gas line in Colorado, another oil state ...

Company Punished in Forklift Worker Death

Forklift workers face danger in the workplace every day in Houston, in Texas, and across America.


Forklift workers face danger in the workplace every day in Houston, Texas and across America. A California building supply company has been slapped with a big fine in a forklift operator’s death. The California Department of Occupational Safety and Health cited the company for ...

The Chemical Time Bomb Next Door in Houston

Chemical plants may be in your neighborhood – and that can be deadly for tens of thousands of Houston residents.


The Houston economy depends on the chemical industry, yet many homes, schools and businesses sit beside the most dangerous chemicals on earth. A chemical accident could wreak a terrible toll in human lives. This keeps chemical safety experts up at ...

Trucking Industry Pushes for Heavier, More Dangerous Trucks

Highway accident deaths are soaring, yet the trucking industry wants heavier 18-wheelers on the roads in Houston, across Texas and the nation.

This push will risk more and deadlier truck accidents. Bigger trucks are more unstable and need longer stopping distances in an emergency. Congress must say no to profit seeking at the expense of public safety.

Lobbyists Pushing For Heavier Trucks

Howard ...

Crane Accident Case Shows Importance of Experienced Legal Counsel

Working in and around industrial cranes is dangerous work. And when a crane accident happens, different companies and their employees may share liability which means the injured worker and his family must have experienced legal counsel.


In places like Houston and throughout Texas where industry regularly uses cranes, the danger to workers is real. And getting justice for the injured worker ...

Feds Slam Auto Parts Manufacturer in Worker Death

Workers operating manufacturing equipment do dangerous work in Houston and across the nation. Ignoring safety can have tragic consequences.


When companies neglect safety measures, workers can suffer catastrophic injuries. A young Alabama woman died in June 2016 just two weeks before her wedding day when a robotic machine at a plant owned by Asian auto parts maker Ajin USA crushed ...

Chemical Plant Safety Regulation Issue Is A Ticking Time Bomb

The Environmental Protection Agency has delayed new regulations meant to safeguard you from serious harm, even death, in Houston and around the nation.

Huge petrochemical plants including those found in and around the Houston and Beaumont-Port Arthur areas are surrounded by millions of people in so called “fence line” communities, populations directly at risk should an explosion spew toxic ...

Distracted Driving Cited for Surge in Accidents Across U.S.

Smart phone ownership is up, more usage means more distractions in Texas and beyond. And it’s causing problems on our roadways.

Distracted driving is not harmless.

It’s deadly, in Houston, in Texas, and across America. Dramatic increases in serious, even fatal crashes make clear the terrible consequences just a moment of inattention can trigger. Double digit spikes across multiple accident categories ...