Accutane Birth Defects

For years, Accutane has been recognized for causing severe birth defects in babies born to women who took Accutane during pregnancy. Prior to receiving a prescription and using Accutane or similar isotretinoin product, women of child-bearing age must agree to take a pregnancy test and to use specific forms of birth control prior to receiving a doctor’s prescription for the drug.

What Is An iPLEDGE Drug?

Some prescription drugs are so potentially dangerous when taken alone, or in combination with other drugs that laws have been passed to ensure that the public is fully aware of the potential side-effects. Prior to prescribing Accutane and other prescriptions known to cause birth defects, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires that the patient, the doctor and the pharmacist sign into the official iPLEDGE website as proof that the patient has been made aware of the potential danger to mother and baby.

Doctors who prescribe medications with known serious side-effects and health hazards have a responsibility to ensure the drug is save for the patient at the time of the prescription. If your baby suffered a birth defect, or you suffered a serious medical condition which you believe can be attributed to Accutane or other dangerous prescription medication, you have the right to seek compensation for medical care, financial losses and punitive damages. If your doctor did not fully advise you of the possible dangers of Accutane, and you were not required to sign an iPLEDGE form, talk to an attorney at The Callahan Law Firm right away.

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The Houston, TX, defective drug lawyers at our firm have experience in handling cases against corporate giants. We have created strategic alliances with other lawyers around the nation in an effort to share valuable information that benefits your case. If you have been injured or a loved one has died after taking a defective drug, we have the ability to hold the drug company responsible for their actions. If you were injured or a loved one has died as a result of taking Accutane or any unsafe drug, containing isotretinoin (generic name for Accutane), contact our firm for a free initial consultation with a Texas Accutane lawyer today.