Offshore Injury Attorneys

Every day, thousands of people work on maritime vessels like offshore drilling rigs, drill boats, supply boats, crew boats, cargo ships, tankers and dredges. The work is physically demanding and it is dangerous.

As an offshore worker in the Gulf of Mexico or another of our nation’s waterways, your own safety relies on your co-workers’ safe work practices, proper maintenance of equipment, the seaworthiness of the vessel and the responsible and safety-conscious actions of the vessel owner.

If you have been injured – or if a family member has been killed – as a result of an offshore oil rig or maritime accident, you are entitled to justice and compensation if the injury or death was caused by the careless or reckless acts of another person or company.

The Callahan Law Firm has a track record of success in handling personal injury and wrongful death cases. Our experienced lawyers use their skills and resources to put together powerful, compelling cases on behalf of our offshore and maritime injury clients.

Common Causes of Maritime and Offshore Accidents

We have seen serious and fatal injuries occur on maritime vessels and offshore drilling rigs as the result of many different types of unsafe work practices. Some of the most common unsafe work practices on offshore drilling rigs include:

  • Unseaworthiness: Is your vessel fit for service and clean?
  • Improper equipment: Do you have the equipment you need to safely do your job? Is the equipment regularly maintained in good working order?
  • Inadequate training: Are you adequately trained in maritime safety procedures and in equipment operation? What about your co-workers?
  • Violation of safety rules: The maritime industry is heavily regulated to ensure safe working conditions. Violation of federal, state or industry safety guidelines can result in personal injury or death.