Land Contamination Attorneys

Oil and gas exploration, development and processing are vital to the economy of the western United States, including the Texas Gulf Coast and large areas of Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Oklahoma and other states. However, energy companies frequently place profit over safety of the people and environment where the work is done.

Our experienced Houston-based lawyers, Michael S. Callahan and Casey M. Brown, understand land contamination issues and adamantly support the rights of landowners and other private citizens. If an oil, gas or chemical leak, or some other activity or condition has contaminated your land, please request a free consultation.

Texas Toxic Waste Disposal Attorney

Through our law firm’s efforts on behalf of injured oil and gas well site workers, together with founding attorney Michael S. Callahan’s engineering background, we have gained extensive knowledge of energy companies’ practices. We are also well aware of the damages that can result during oil and gas exploration, development and processing. We are prepared to evaluate your land contamination claim whether it is due to an environmental accident or industrial negligence, such as:

  • Negligence during exploration, drilling, production or plugging at Oil And Gas Well Sites
  • Negligence in the transportation of oil, gas and chemicals, whether by pipeline, truck or train
  • An Underground Storage Tank (UST) Leak
  • Use of open-air storage ponds for refuse
  • Runoff and improper disposal of industrial waste
  • Pipeline Leaks