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Did You Suffer A Gas Or Oil Field Injury In The Eagle Ford Shale?

The Eagle Ford Shale stretching across South Texas is recognized as one of the richest oil and gas fields in the United States. Oil and gas exploration companies have been tapping into it’s resources for decades, with many new exploratory wells and operations begun every year. Most of the natural gas deposits are locked up in the shale stone near the surface, requiring dangerous exploratory operations to extract it and transport it to storage locations.

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Natural gas and oil exploration is among the most dangerous industrial occupations in the country. Every year, explosions, fires, heavy equipment and other types of well-site and drilling rig accidents cause hundreds of injuries and deaths. Drilling and Production operations in the Eagle Ford Shale require using heavy drilling and transportation equipment. Due to the recent boom in the Eagle Ford Shale many companies have rushed into the area, sometimes employing inexperienced, untrained workers to perform dangerous work. On any particular exploration or well site there can be many subcontractors working side-by-side, completing a variety of job tasks that put other workers in danger.

If you suffered an injury or lost a loved one in an accident in the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas, talk to an oil and gas industry injury lawyer at The Callahan Law Firm as soon as possible. Our trial attorneys have extensive knowledge of the industry and case law related to accident liability and compensation. Lawyers at our firm offer decades of successful experience fighting aggressively to protect the rights of injured workers.

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Lawsuits seeking damages for injuries and wrongful death in the oil and gas exploration and drilling industries require an in-depth knowledge of complex technical issues related to the oil and gas industry. Successful representation in these cases require knowledge, experience and skill of the trial lawyer as well as the resources to finance the case through trial. The Callahan Law Firm has the trial lawyers and the resources to successfully represent oil and gas field workers in serious and catastrophic injury cases.

We handle personal injury cases for claims arising from oil and gas related accidents such as:

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