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Long Term Disability Claim Lawyers

If you have recently had a long term disability claim denied, it is essential to work with an experienced insurance attorney in Houston, Texas who knows how to get justice for clients located anywhere within the state.

We encourage you to tell us about the problems you are facing with a long term disability insurance claim. One of our experienced lawyers will provide you with a free initial consultation, investigate further as necessary, and strive to help you make the best decisions about what steps to take to attempt to recover the policy benefits as well as any other damages available to you under Texas law.

If your long term disability insurance claim has been denied due to what the company calls an undisclosed or pre-existing medical condition, you are not alone.

These are the most common arguments used by disability insurance companies attempting to deny, delay or underpay rightful claims by policyholders in order to maintain and increase profits. Under Texas law, these type of actions by your long-term disability insurance company may qualify as a bad faith insurance practice which could entitle you to additional damages.

Cutting Through the Reasons for Wrongful Insurance Claim Denials and Delays

The language in insurance policies is purposefully confusing and often virtually impossible for many people to understand. You may feel intimidated by a claims adjuster or another representative who aggressively tells you that your claim is not covered. Our long term disability insurance attorneys, professional staff and outside expert resources are equipped to deal with the fact-intensive investigation, negotiations and litigation that may be required to obtain the outcome you deserve. We refuse to be intimidated by the wealth and power of insurance companies or the “deny, delay and defend” tactics they teach their adjusters and lawyers.

Texas Denied Insurance Claim Attorney:
Seeking Positive Outcomes That Restore Your Hope for the Future”

Our veteran Houston, TX, attorneys understand that you may be under tremendous personal and financial stress, having lost the ability to support yourself and your family and then having to face long- term disability insurance claim problems you could not possibly have anticipated.

Long Term Disability Insurance Attorney – Handling Claim Disputes in Houston, TX

From your first contact with our respected firm, you can depend on us for honest, caring counsel. If we determine you have a valid long term disability insurance claim and represent you in the effort to get the benefits you deserve, you will pay nothing unless and until we prevail in your case.

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