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Homeowner Insurance Claim Attorneys

Has your homeowner’s insurance company denied your valid storm, fire, or theft claim? Are you dealing with intolerable delays, false claims on their part, or a settlement offer far below what you believe your coverage should provide?

At The Callahan Law Firm, our Houston homeowners insurance attorneys have built a strong track record of standing up for individuals’ and families’ rights against insurance companies. Please contact our Texas insurance claim lawyers today for a free consultation to address the personal and financial challenges posed by your homeowner’s insurance dispute.

Fighting Back Against Storm, Fire, Theft and Other Claim Denials and Delays

We have clear strengths in investigation, case preparation and taking complex claims all the way through a jury trial when that is what obtaining justice requires. Our experience extends to cases arising from:

  • Hurricane Ike and other storms causing extensive, costly damage to homes and businesses
  • Burst pipes, caused by a hard freeze and water damage on South Texas homes
  • Fires and explosions
  • First-party construction defects
  • Theft Insurance claims involving valuable items

We have experience analyzing various types of insurance policies, coverage issues and exclusions. We are also familiar with the unscrupulous tactics used by insurance companies to avoid paying homeowners claims altogether or to minimize payments in order to preserve their profits.

Our Houston lawyers provide personal service to our clients, beginning with an honest and thorough assessment of the likelihood of success with various legal strategies. Pursuing just compensation requires no added financial risk from you, because we handle homeowner’s claims on a “no win; no fee” basis.

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